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Beginner Acrylic Workshop (Level1)

This 4-sessions acrylic painting class is the perfect starting point for absolute beginners or those who have not dabbled in art since high school. At the same time, you will explore the beauty of acrylic paint in a relaxed, fun and informative atmosphere.


Take away loads of memories, along with your finished masterpiece, and display it to liven up your space. We don't need you to know the ABCs of art, just bring yourself and an open mind. We'll unfold your creativity together!


All material required will be provided so that you focus on nothing but your creative ideas ;)





Beginner Acrylic Workshop (Level1)

    • Underpainting serves as a foundational step in our exploration of colour and tonal values, enriching our artwork with depth and dimensionality. Through this method, we learn to strategically layer colours and tones, laying the groundwork for more intricate and nuanced compositions. By understanding the principles of underpainting, students can enhance their work, imbuing it with visual richness and complexity.
    • Chiaroscuro is an art technique where artists use light and shadow to give their work a sense of depth and drama. By playing with light and dark areas, they make objects appear more lifelike and create a strong focal point. This technique isn't just for paintings; it's also used in photography and movies to make scenes more dynamic and realistic.
    • We will explore the fundamentals of colour theory, including the color wheel and basic color relationships such as complementary, analogous, and triadic schemes. Through hands-on exercises and demonstrations, participants learn how to mix and blend acrylic paints to achieve desired hues and tones. Basic Acrylic painting techniques: dry brushing, blending, layering


    Lesson: 1 - Chiaroscuro still life painting: Avocado

    Lesson: 2 - Blending of sky, seascape (Sunset)

    Lesson: 3 & 4 - Get ready to paint vibrant landscapes filled with rolling hills, towering mountains, and tranquil lakes (your own landscape image)

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