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Organic Learning 

At Artify Studio, we teach children to embrace their mistakes and through incidental moments, we help them to realise that there are opportunities to learn despite what may first seem like failure. Being at ease with "failures", a child can grow beyond their own limitations and excel not only in art but any areas they set their mind into in the future.  

We take them on a journey of deep self-discovery through the trials of experimentations, fun and idea conceptualisation; a positive learning space to be bold enough to express their thoughts visibly in various forms while discovering interesting new insights through this process.

As art educators, we also take on the role as facilitators by using thought-provoking questions as part of our teaching methods to elicit creative critical thought process and independent problem solving skills. We believe more on guiding instead of pure instructive methods so as to make the learning more interactive and organic. 


Together, we embark on this journey of witnessing each individual's growth, aiding them to love and embrace art for all that it is.

Through our meticulously crafted programmes, we hope to instil an open-minded attitude towards embracing different perspectives while cultivating an innovative fortitude towards “creative blocks”. 

Art is a natural language for every child to explore the world through their 5 senses and going beyond by manifesting their innate imagination & intuition. It is a beautiful language that helps the child learn to develop confidence, creative problem-solving skills and becoming more open-minded that will grow with them as an adult.


We believe that art is a form and also a formless medium to fine-tune every aspect of their being. Hence, we conduct activities that seek to enhance children’s creativity as well as engage a variety of senses at any one time by using a wide variety of mediums and craft methods from sewing, to play-dough-making, and terrarium-building.


This allows children to explore and understand how art has the ability to tap on their creativity in a myriad of ways.

We never believe in a one-track method, especially when it comes to art. Each and every child is an individual, therefore our teachers take the effort to approach and encourage your child with "why not", instead of the often heard "cannot". 

Taking on the project-based approach, we seek to allow kids to manage their own workflow time with the guidance of the teacher. We teach them the principles and elements of art and design through these projects instead of the strict formal academic approach whereby absorption will be a lot lower for kids.


Our art lessons are far from ‘one size fits all’. Instead, we handcraft each programme in order to facilitate the learning process of each child, tailoring our teaching methods to suit the needs of each child. In order to do this, we pride ourselves in a 1 art instructor to 4 children ratio, enabling us to offer adequate attention and appropriate guidance that each child requires.

We pride ourselves in high quality interactions and learning experiences with a small teacher to student ratio at 1:4. We promise a cozy and interactive environment!

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