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Art Jammer Reviews

Find out what our art jammers and visitors had to say about their Artify Studio experience!

At Artify Studio, we value our customers’ feedback, and do our best to provide the best customer experience. Here are some of what our visitors have shared with us after visiting our studio for our painting workshops.


From children to seniors, our painting workshops have been enjoyed by all ages. Our art jammers have commended our friendly and knowledgeable team members, and the cozy and comfortable atmosphere in our space which made for a great learning environment. We are proud to be a place where creativity and joy come together!


A huge "thank you" to all of our lovely art jammers for making Artify Studio such a wonderful place!


Of course, don’t just take our word for it! We invite you to experience our workshops and art jamming sessions for yourself too.

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Abstract Clouds

Ricardo W.

The studio is really cozy and gave really good vibes. The instructor was really patient to give us soft guidance that let you feel that you are in most control of the painting. As a total beginner, the session made painting felt easy and manageable. Definitely will come again for another session👍

Abstract Clouds


No doubt an awesome & therapeutic place to unwind & paint. It was my third visit to Jae’s Liberty Art Jam session yet each time I still managed to learn something new. Will definitely be going back again. 😊

Abstract Clouds

Candy H.

I have been wanting to learn painting but have no idea where to start. The painting workshops are just what I was looking for! Both Jae and Keith are patient and provided great guidance. It was indeed a fun and relaxing atmosphere. I love creating my own art pieces that I get to bring home!

Abstract Clouds

Jessie S.

My 2nd time at art jam. Coach Keith is skilful and kind. He guided us with gentleness and patience. The session was therapeutic and fun. I got to personally painted a painting for a friend within the 2.5hr session.

Abstract Clouds

Cher C.

ive participated in multiple workshops at artify, and everytime without fail!!! the instructors were so patient and helpful and soft-spoken and just overall wonderful teachers for a beginner like me that i kept coming back to learn more. would definitely recommend this place, even if you have no knowledge in painting in general.

Abstract Clouds

Yu Hsuan L.

Got many reference pic to choose while the instructor will base on your level to help you pick up the most suitable pic. Guidance provided and will always encourage on our art work! Will definitely wanna go next time!

Abstract Clouds

Kewen T.

I'm definitely coming back!! The instructor was very friendly, gave great tips and just the right amount of guidance. Painting here was a very therapeutic experience, I'm glad I chose to come here right before a stressful week of work. It also reignited my love for art — a passion I haven't had the time or tools to pursue ever since primary school. I managed to bring home a lovely painting I'm proud of and hang it up!

Abstract Clouds

Sarah L.

Went for an AM Art Jam session with acrylics and it was SO MUCH FUN. Material, paints and inspiration pics all provided. On hand help to get you started and also to get you out of sticky spots. Enjoyed it so much I did it twice!

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