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Art Jamming

Our signature art jamming sessions are completely beginner-friendly, and no art experience is required!

Choose from a single art jamming session, or our art jam packages of 5 or 10 classes. 

Guided Art Jam (Regular)


Price includes:

  • All art materials

  • Instructor's soft guidance

  • 2.5 hours of painting session on Wed-Fri evening, or Sat/Sun afternoon

Guided Art Jam (Morning)


Price includes:

  • All art materials

  • Instructor's soft guidance

  • 2.5 hours painting session on Thu-Fri mornings

Click here for unguided art jamming sessions.

Loved your art jamming experience and want to share it with your friends and family? Click here for our e-gift cards!

Prices stated above are for 1 pax.

Kindly note that in the event that there are less than 4 pax in the session, the session may be rescheduled to another time/date & we will notify you in advance. :)


All participants will be provided with:

  1. A canvas (40cm x 50cm)

  2. A reference image to paint

  3. An apron

  4. A palette

  5. Unlimited acrylic paint

  6. Painting tools

  7. A cloth to dry your brushes

  8. A bowl of water to wash your brushes

  9. A plastic carrier to bring home your painting

  10. Instructor(s) to provide guidance

  11. Access to our beverages (packet/canned drinks)

Guided Art Jamming (Regular): 

Wednesday - Friday:

7.00pm - 9.30pm



4:30 pm - 7pm 



3.30pm - 6.00pm

Guided Art Jamming (Morning): 

Wednesday - Friday:

10:30am - 1pm


Why Liberty Art Jam?

We believe that art can be done daily regardless of its form. Art is an expression - it could be for passion or even a hobby. It keeps our curiosity running and our minds thinking.


Artify Studio is a space to connect with people. We believe that art is for everyone. We would love to give you an opportunity to continue making art from the comforts of the safe space we provide.


We provide the space, music, art materials, beverages, and our mini-library of reference images. You may bring your own reference image to paint or you can choose one from our image library of 3,000+ images! Make yourself feel at home and comfortable at Artify Studio.


No art experience? We assure you not to worry as tips will be given to kickstart your creative flow along with guidance along the way whenever you need it.​ Forget about your worries and enjoy our calming session, all while hanging out with your best friends and new friends. We say, let's mingle with the good people.

About Liberty Art Jam:

Using Art to bring the community together

Step closer to building healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities. Art can bring people from all walks of life together, breaking traditional barriers such as age, income, education, race and religion.

Using Art to spark conversations

Mingle with family, friends, and fellow art lovers. Bond over shared interests with a stranger. Here is a chance to put their work-life aside and just be themselves.

Unwind and be yourself

Take some time to relax, unwind, create, and express yourself artistically. Nobody is going to judge you here. Soft guidance will be provided as and when you need it.

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