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Discover the beauty and history of Singapore’s iconic National Gallery with our Watercolour Workshop.

We understand that painting is more than just putting brush to paper—it's a journey of self-discovery and expression. That's why our workshop is designed to nurture your creativity in a warm and supportive environment, where there's no such thing as a wrong brushstroke.


The workshop will be 100% guided, starting from watercolour “warm ups” before Tracing out your drawing (don’t worry if you can’t sketch! Through guided demonstrations and hands-on practice, you'll discover the unique characteristics of watercolour—its transparency, spontaneity, and ability to capture light and shadow.




Artify Studio reserves the right to make any changes without any prior notice.

National Gallery Watercolour Workshop

    • Will share about type of materials suitable for watercolour painting

    • Basic watercolour beginner techniques

    • How to use different brushstrokes to create different effects

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