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Artify studio

Established in 2014, Artify Studio offers a wide range of art services from children art classes, adult art workshops, art jammingcorporate team building sessions to community outreach programmes.

The newest member of the Artify family is Artribe — our community outreach arm which aspires to provide a safe space for the vulnerable members in our community to remain engaged through art.


We aim to cultivate a better learning culture through art by providing a non-judgmental environment for absolutely anyone to experience the magic of art-making. Art shouldn't be a luxury, but it's a form of expression meant for everyone. Art keeps our curiosity running and our minds thinking. 


No matter the level of experience an individual possesses, everyone is warmly welcome to our studio. We would like to invite you to embrace vulnerability once again and make memories and new friends along the way.

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our team

Since Day One, what made Artify Studio special to so many has always been the people behind it - our team of instructors who so genuinely share their love for teaching, for the arts, and for kids and adults alike. We are so grateful to our team and are proud to introduce them to you! 

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It was 21-year-old Jae’s retirement dream to own an art studio, and the idea came to fruition way sooner than planned. Artify Studio was born in 2014 with lots of love, support and just $500.

Artify Studio began conducting its first art classes for kids in a cosy shared office space located in Bukit Timah, and gradually introduced art jamming sessions in 2015 with a Pay-What-You-Wish model. Fast forward to today, Artify Studio now conducts our signature Guided Art Jam, Regular Kids Art Classes, among other workshops.


A room to others, a playground to us. We see our classrooms as a creative space to welcome new inventions and where fantasies come to life — some brought to paper, some even interpreted into patterns; a space where apples are purple and the seas are orange, complete with incredible stories and theories behind every handmade masterpiece.


Modern life is all about productivity and chasing results. To us, creating art is a reminder for us to be fully present in the moment. Fronted by people-loving individuals who are passionate about art, we do not believe in "thinking out of the box" because we aren't limited by one in the first place. At Artify Studio, we do not believe in hierarchies. Absolutely anyone can do art regardless of the background they come from.

Artify Studio continues to thrive today because of the tremendous amount of support we have received from you. Thank you for loving us!

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