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Inspired by Instagram artist Alena Shymchonak (IG: @alenashymchonakart)


This workshop will provide participants with a refreshing take on illustrative styles to portray mountain skiers.


Our participants will learn palette knife techniques to create depth in the background and brush techniques to supplement small details on their work. As all good things take time, participants will work on 1 canvas (40cm x 50cm) and complete their masterpiece within the day itself.


No experience is required and all materials will be provided, as well as access to our humble pantry. Just remember to bring yourself and an open mind! 


Do note that some parts of the painting may require the use of paint brushes to achieve certain effects.





Alps Palette Knife Workshop

    • Basics of acrylic paint
    • Types of palette knives
    • How to mix acrylic paint 
    • How to mix colours
    • brush techniques
    • Palette knife techniques: layering, scraping, scumbling, smearing
    • Strength control


    Participants will get to bring home their painting at the end of the session.