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Come join our Gummy Bear Oil Painting Workshop, inspired by the work of Laura B. In this class, you will learn the techniques needed to master translucency in your oil paintings, focusing on creating sharp, precise contrast between colors and smooth blending techniques to capture the translucent quality of gummy bears. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop will provide you with the skills and inspiration to create beautiful, lifelike gummy bear paintings. 

Our instructor will guide you through the process, offering personalized instruction and tips to help you achieve gorgerous results.

Gummy Bear Oil Painting Workshop


    •  Creating Dramatic Contrast (using bold and vibrant palette such as the vibrant yellow fields set against stormy skies)

    • Composition (to depict the horizon and  use the rule of thirds key elements creating a aesthetically balanced piece)

    • Brush strokes (blending techniques by deciphering and plotting in the colours plus using the correct type of brushes)

    • Texture (building up depth and dimensions with thick paint application, allowing light to play off the surface in varied ways and creating dynamic interactions)


    Participants are required to self-collect their painting in the studio one week after it has been left in the studio to fully dry. Due to limited storage space, collection will need to be done within one month from the workshop date. Any artworks left longer than that will be discarded.