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Painting landscapes is a great way to practise and learn the element of perspective. Mountains in particular, are great subjects for practising blending in a super fun way! 


Participants will learn how to paint the shadows cast by the mountains, places where the light falls and create misty effects of the mountains. You will also be guided through creating compositions and exploring the use of colours. 


This workshop provides an in-depth understanding of the techniques needed to paint a breathtaking scenery. As all good things take time, participants will work on one canvas (40cm x 50cm) and complete their masterpiece within the day itself.


No experience is required and all materials will be provided, as well as access to our humble pantry. Just remember to bring yourself and an open mind! 

Galaxy Mountain

    • How to layer colours
    • How to blend colours
    • Creating a smooth blend
    • Types of brushes for painting
    • Creating Galaxy effects


    Participants will get to bring home their painting at the end of the session.