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Living in such a fast-paced and urban country, we often forget the soothing smell of fresh air from hiking through the forest. Keep a piece of nature with you in this Forest Stream Knife Painting Workshop!


Painting with a palette knife is fast-paced, exciting and fun. Trust your intuition and let the happy mistakes build up to a masterpiece! Experience the versatility of acrylic paint and learn how to create a diverse range of textures, from rich and creamy to coarse and raw.


No experience is required, and all materials and access to our mini-fridge will be provided. Remember to bring yourself and an open mind! 




Forest Stream Knife Workshop

    • How to layer colours with a palette knife
    • How to blend colours with a palette knife

    • How to scrape with a palette knife

    • Types of palette knives for painting

    • Palette knife techniques - e.g. angle, speed, strength, etc. 

    • Thick layering and thin layering 

    • How to create thin strokes with a palette knife


    Participants will get to bring home their painting at the end of the workshop.