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Be Inspired by Gail McCormack's oil painting "Hydrangeas with Blue & White China." This captivating artwork artfully portrays the delicate beauty of hydrangea flowers complemented by the elegant presence of blue and white china. The painting exudes a sense of tranquility and sophistication, inviting the viewer to appreciate the intricate details and harmonious composition.


Furthermore, this " offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the intricate process of applying thick, textured layers of oil paint, using both palette knives and brushes to achieve stunning three-dimensional effects. This technique allows artists to infuse their work with depth and tactile richness, creating visually striking and immersive pieces of art.


Hydrangea Blue & White Chinoiserie Vase Oil Painting Workshop

  •     Mastering Oil Impasto Technique (learn to apply thick, textured layers oil paint to create three-dimensional effects using palette knives and brushes)

        •    Underpainting Techniques (discover  the importance of underpainting in establishing your composition building a foundation for the final layer)

        •    Foreground and Background Distinction (learn to differentiate and emphasize the foreground and background in your paintings)

        •    Personal Artistic Style Development (find your unique voice and style within the framework of traditional still life, experimenting with techniques to develop a personal approach to impasto painting)

    Participants are required to self-collect their painting in the studio one week after it has been left in the studio to fully dry. Due to limited storage space, collection will need to be done within one month from the workshop date. Any artworks left longer than that will be discarded.