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Are you looking for an experience that is light, organic and experimental? A dip into something more new, fun and interesting? Be enticed to try it out and give watercolour a fresh go because that could be just what you've been waiting for!


Step into a world of vibrant colours, gentle brushstrokes, and the radiant beauty of sunflowers. Join us for an enchanting journey through the art of watercolour painting, as we celebrate the joyous spirit of these magnificent blooms. In our sunflower watercolor painting workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of watercolour, colour theory, layering, brushwork, and painterly tips from our friendly instructor, Kanchan.

The workshop will be 100% guided, starting from watercolour “warm ups” before Tracing out your drawing (don’t worry if you can’t sketch! Our instructor will provide guidance and options for all). When you’re ready, you’ll learn how to colour in your art piece, starting from the base layers to the final details.





Artify Studio reserves the right to make any changes without any prior notice.

Sunflower Watercolour Workshop

    • Will share about type of materials suitable for watercolour painting

    • Basic watercolour beginner techniques

    • How to use different brushstrokes to create different effects

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