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This class will introduce you to basic palette knife techniques, allowing you to create stunning marigold blooms with dynamic texture and expressive brushwork. Our instructor will guide you through the process of layering and applying thick, bold strokes of paint to capture the vibrant colours and intricate details of a marigold flower. 


No experience is required and all materials and access to our humble pantry will be provided. Just remember to bring yourself and an open mind! 




  • Rescheduling is not applicable for this workshop.
  • Artify Studio reserves the right to make any changes without any prior notice.

Marigolds Palette Knife Workshop

    • How to layer colours with a palette knife
    • How to blend colours with a palette knife

    • How to scrap with a palette knife

    • Types of palette knives for painting

    • Palette knife techniques - e.g. angle, speed, strength, etc. 

    • Thick layering and thin layering 

    Participants will get to bring home their painting at the end of the workshop.

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