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"We believe that art does not need talent nor creativity."

Our students are actually given the permission to fail. Growing with us will mean learning to make their own choices and choosing the path they see suitable for themselves. No matter how long they take, or how much effort they put in, they need to fully show us their capabilities to finish the given project. 


In order to possess creativity, one actually needs the courage to be curious and also to make mistakes. Only through failures can one gain new insights on tackling issues. Without fostering these characteristics, it will almost be impossible for one to come up with an original idea.


Artify Studio is a place to train warriors without age or gender limits. Together with their curiosity and perseverance, our warriors will be able to take on their long journey of life!

In many modern societies like Singapore, people are used to seeing perfection. They expect niche services and quality products without understanding the effort required to produce the perceived ideal. 

Here at Artify Studio, there is no purple prose or pink fluffy clouds. We believe in our young Artifiers being genuine and gracious - traits for a positive and happy human bean. Our kids will not only pick up basic art techniques in our comfortable space, but also train other life skills like patience and being understanding.   

We are a group of art enthusiasts that are passionate in providing optimum learning experiences for children by choosing to embrace each child for their

own uniqueness. We encourage children to experiment and guide them through incidental learning which only means that every ‘boo-boo’ is in fact an opportunity to learn and grow here!

It doesn't matter if you've lost touch with art ever since leaving school.We believe that art is not an occupation nor an industry;

it can be done daily regardless of its form.


Art is an expression - it could be for passion or even a hobby. 

It keeps our curiosity running and our minds thinking. 

Artify Studio is a space to connect with people. We believe that art is for everyone. 

Many people stop making art after graduating from school. We would love to give you

an opportunity to continue making art and enjoy our therapeutic space. 

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