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Our Handcrafted Programme

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, our art programme is specially handcrafted according to every child's interests and it focuses on project-based learning. It creates natural curiosity and creativity by encouraging our little artists to work on projects that interest them.

Beyond drawing and painting, we explore different mediums and craft methods with our kids — from sewing to play-dough-making, and terrarium-building.

We embrace this concept because it fosters independence, self-help skills, and creativity. 


We want to open our childrens' eyes to new and exciting worlds that are found in art.

‘Play’ is fun for children and ‘play’ is also

the way for children to learn.

Our classes have a small
instructor-to-students ratio (1 Art Instructor : 4 Little Artists) because we pride ourselves in the attention that we are able to give to each student.

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