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Looking for a fringe activities provider for your event(s)?

Let's make playdough from scratch! How about creating your own mini terrarium? If not, we can have a sugar, spice and everything fun art booth!


We love crazy ideas and we'd love to share our crazy concepts with you.

Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are bubbly, happy,
and confident leaders.

Art Jamming

Suitable for humans aged 4 and older


Go beyond doodling with markers or crayons. This painting project will encourage kids to enjoy the process of making art. Let's give children the opportunity to experiment and create with various tools. Art jam is a one-off painting session where all the materials are provided and the children get to explore their creative side in a fun environment.


Terrarium Building

Suitable for humans aged 5 and older


Why not keep your green thumbs in shape by making an indoor miniature forest with your children? Kids will love to create this cool, self-directed living craft project. A great bonding activity to do together!


Kids will learn how terrariums are put together; a wonderful kids activity that naturally introduces many scientific concepts.


Play Dough Making

Suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old

Have fun, explore, and be creative! Great for sensory play materials to develop fine motor skills for kids. Making your own play dough with your kids can be fun! At the same time, they will learn how to make play dough out of simple ingredients which never fails to provide amusement anytime for kids!


Fabric Toy Painting

Suitable for humans aged 4 and older


Fabric toy painting is also a great way to liven up a rainy day with your kids or just enjoy some quality time together.


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